Join 46th Ward Democrats campaigning for the Democratic Party in Wisconsin: the ultimate swing state.

Saturday, October 19th 2019

Meet at 10:30 AM at the Ravenswood Train Station (4800 N. Ravenswood – Chicago).
We will take the 10:48 AM train to Kenosha, arriving at Kenosha train station (5414 13th Avenue) at 12:15 PM.
We will return to Ravenswood station at 5:10 PM.

Why Wisconsin?
While President Obama won Wisconsin in 2008 and 2012, Donald Trump won Wisconsin – and its critical electoral votes – by a razor thin margin: 47.78% to 47.01%.
We cannot let this happen again – we need to start NOW to help Wisconsin Democrats educate voters about the importance of voting Democratic, and saying no to Trump, in 2020.

Why Kenosha County?
Kenosha County is an absolutely critical ‘swing county’ in the ultimate swing state. Look at Kenosha County’s recent election results:

2012: Democrat Barack Obama beats Republican Mitt Romney 55.6 % to 43.3 %
2014: Republican Governor Scott Walker beats Democrat Mary Burke 50.2 % to 48.45 % - a margin of just 1,031 votes
2016: Republican Donald Trump beats Democrat Hillary Clinton 47.5 % to 47.2 % -- a margin of just 255 votes
2018: Democrat Tony Evers beats Republican Governor Scott Walker 50.6 % to 46.29 %

What will we be doing there?
Working with Kenosha County Democrats and knocking on doors to educate residents about the importance of voting Democratic. This data will be critical to 2020 Presidential Election efforts.

What about the Democratic Presidential Primary?
We are not supporting a particular Democratic presidential candidate. But it is critical to build up Democratic Party support and data early, regardless of who the eventual nominee will be. The Republican Party of Wisconsin organizes year round to keep its voters energized – we Democrats need to work even harder.



I will take the 10:48 AM train from Chicago’s Ravenswood station – arriving in Kenosha at 12:15 PM
I will drive and meet the group at Kenosha train station (5414 13th Avenue) at 12:15 PM.

For more information contact 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman Sean Tenner / (312) 576-8822